the gimmes: turquoise from mociun

The Gimmes today are all about turquoise jewelry from Mociun. I want it all. I love the deco designs, but I am also obsessed with the delicate Moon and Stars band. Which would you choose?


  1. I never appreciated turquoise until I moved to Texas. Now I can’t get enough of it. Love those bands. Can I have them all?

  2. Cathy McCann Miller

    Love this jewelry! I pinned a ring from the collection on my Style board on Pinterest (and I gave you and your blog a shout-out! You rock! Keep the Gimmes coming!

  3. I’m with Valerie–can’t we have it all?

  4. I’ve always LOVED turquoise!! Sadly enough I don’t have many pretty turquoise jewellery items (too expensive, the pretty ones). This collection is no excuse, I love them all!

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