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I know it isn’t my normal day for wedding posts, but I had to share!  David and I ordered our wedding bands today.  I had been looking for a while and the only problem I had is I love beautiful rings.  I fell in love with about one hundred bands.  If David ever wants to buy me a little something shiny he has an entire file of rings.  Our issue had been finding a band for him.  Um, is it just me, or are man-bands a little boring?  Enter Macha Date-Letter.  I have long been in love with their Dandelion ring, and I was browsing around a few days ago when I found the Date Letter line.  These rings are stamped with a lion that represents the sterling silver and an “m” marking the year (2011) they were made.  True, our actual wedding is in 2012, but this has been a major year for us and M will be my new last initial.  We fell in love with these unique rings and placed the order yesterday.  I am so excited.  We are already looking forward to putting the rings together and chanting in true Captain Planet style.


  1. I agree- I don’t see many men’s wedding bands with a lot of character. I like what you found, though!



  2. Ooh so ritzy!! Ethan and I went wedding band browsing yesterday…such an exciting step hehe

  3. LOVE how adorably different your wedding bands are Chelsea!! It’s fantastic that you’re breaking out of the usual affair, and I think you did a great job picking these out ;)


  4. annie

    They’re perfect! I’m so excited for you both! My favorite couple.

  5. LOVE these rings, and catching up with all your posts from the holidays! You two really are too cute.

  6. Karis G

    This is my first time to your blog, I saw Macha posted a link to it from their Facebook page…
    anyways, just wanted to say Love the rings you guys picked! I also got my rings from Macha. Getting married June 16, 2012… The Karis Ring is my Engagement Ring, and we are ordering the Mackenzie Ring for my wedding band, You will love Macha jewelry, a great company to work with!
    And Congrats!

    • I am so glad you found the blog! It was really exciting being mentioned by Macha. I can’t wait for their rings to arrive. I am obsessed with the Karis ring! Gorgeous! I hope you visit again. xo

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