color happy

Um, so this makes me smile.  I love how bright and clever these are.  They are by French food blogger Emilie Griottes.  I hope these make you smile today.  I know this post is short and sweet, but I am not only trying to get things in order for my trip later this week, but also for my little relo to Dallas for the summer.


  1. Love the images, and the sound of a four red fruits or banana tart tonight! Hope this week is going well, darling!

  2. Chelsea, I haven’t read the blog in a few weeks and it’s so fun to catch up all at once, it’s like sharing in your journey and getting some fun inspiration along the way. Thanks for posting despite travels, surgery and your mini move (which I’m so excited about!). Im looking forward to the new posts and lots of fun this summer. I also plan to revive my blog in June. See you soon love!

  3. I loved that series as well. So fresh and perfect:)

  4. Love these images!

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