for the love of stuff

Being quite the matron of the kitchen myself, it was really quite easy to seek out great kitchen gadgets and accessories. Granted that a real chef/foodie probably doesn’t need any of these things, they would all make great kitchen display pieces. Glue magnets on the back of the ice-a-marines and muse them on the fridge, Place the gigantic red apple caldron next to a fabulous stack of cook books as a book end. The babushka, well, she’d be great anywhere.  I think what might come next folks is a book entitled….For the love of stuff.

1. Cast Iron Apple

2.  Rifle Fruit Calendar

3.  Colorblocked Balloon Cutting Board

4.  Submarine Ice Cubes

5.  Babushka Pepper Mill

6.  Penguin Bar Collection

7.  Hedgehog Grater

{ Header image designed by Chelsea, rediscovered flatware from Anthropologie}


  1. Love this! Can’t wait to get cute kitchen supplies myself ;)

  2. OMG, that cheese grater. That is the perfect gift for so many people I know– thanks for finding it!

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