game. changer.

This is such a game changer.  Do you guys bake?  I actually did a brief stint in culinary school, in the pastry and baking department.  I have cysts in my hands, so my career as a pastry chef was rather short lived, and now I marvel at how I used to wake up at 3 am for work, but I still love to bake for David and friends when I am feeling domestic.  When I saw this cake slicer I got so excited. Cutting even layers is always challenging, and this looks neat. Yeah, I said neat.



  1. Looking forward to this cake!

  2. Bean


  3. Oh my holy yes!!!

  4. Oh I would’ve KILLED for one of these in culinary school!!!!! All kinds of awesome. Post pics of your creation if you get it.

    PS — how did I not know you did a culinary stint? We need to discuss!

  5. OMG I did not know this existed. That is by far the easiest and best solution to cutting cake layers. Genius!

  6. This is definitely a game changer!

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