last minute addition

To our registry that it.  I have gushed about Sweet and Saucy Supply before, and I am back to obsess again.  I just added these fabulous mercury glass pedestal bowls to our registry this week. There are three, and I can’t resist a good grouping.  I almost didn’t post them, because I am selfish and love them so much, but I love you readers too, so here goes.  They are beautiful, romantic, and vintage. Enough said.


  1. I loooove mercury glass. Lucky girl for getting a registry…oh how sweet that must be. =)

  2. these are completely gorgeous! Must look into this sweet & saucy shop… I’m also looking for places to register right now but since we’ve been living together for a couple years already we have the necessities. I’m looking for cool, creative stuff! Have you checked out newlywish yet?

    • No? What is newlywish? I am going to look it up now. We have lived together for a while, but have a hodgepodge of hand-me-downs, so I am excited to have matching sets of things. And some stuff just for fun. Registering is a lot of work. I went to Gift Registry 360, where you can consolidate all of your stores and items. xo

  3. Oh, the Sweet and Saucy shop will be my financial ruin! I can’t resist it!

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