Ok, don’t hate on me because of the price of these beauties, just love on them and be inspired! PS- the designer, Anna Rabinowicz, looks absolutely adorable.

RabLabs was created from the desire to bring warmth and natural inspiration into the home. Our designs fuse ancient, precious materials with cutting-edge design

I love the Kiva Platters.  I mean, they are just gorgeous. A little boho, a little glitz…so unique.


  1. LOVE the pink/gold one. My cheese platter would be the chicest on the block :-)

  2. these are beauties! We have slate platters that we love, but those are so glamorous!

  3. These are beeeyootiful. Would definitely add a little something to a buffet table versus my boring old wood cutting board display!

  4. Oh wow, these are boho glam, indeed! I think Erika from Small Shop (http://smallshopstudio.com/blog/) would go crazy !!!

  5. Rebecca is right…bananas! Are those top ones transparent white with gold edges? Need. Want. Now.

  6. Holy hell, gorgeous! I’m absolutely in love with the pink quartz-swoon!

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