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I was beyond delighted when I found these leopard print cupcake liners.  As in, my jaw dropped and I went silent…a rarity when it is just me and David.  I spend most of our time entertaining him with my witty inner-monologue and hilarious yet insightful commentary on the shows we are watching or the people we’ve seen.  At least, that is how I see it. There aren’t many gaps in the chatter.  I am aware of that. Ok, back to these cupcake liners. Amazing.  Then I couldn’t resist sharing a bit more with you…there are so many adorable things at Sweet & Saucy Supply.  If you are anywhere near Long Beach, CA you should go to the Sweet & Saucy Store, it has quite the reputation.

The Only Cupcake Liner I Will Every Buy Again

The Last Statement Was A Lie…

I am a pretty big fan of these lovelies as well.

The Rest of the Wishlist


  1. oh i just looove cake stands! can’t wait till i can throw a part that looks just like your top image =)

  2. Homigoodness, I just realized I NEED tartan plaid cupcake liners for our Eggnog/Aaron Neville Christmas party!

  3. What a small world! A friend of mine is best buds with the owner of that shop!

    Leopard cupcake holders? These are WAY cool.

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