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vintage pyrex

First of all, Pyrex is super versatile.  It can go from the oven to the table. It can be microwaved and refrigerated.  This may be one of the only functional things I have ever been tempted to collect.  I normally gravitate towards tiny boxes and figurines. I love “collections”.  Yesterday I was talking to my friend Lissy about watching Hoarders.  She said that it makes her want to start cleaning fiercely.  I, on the other hand, admitted that it makes me feel a little more relaxed about my collections and level of clutter…

But back to the Pyrex.  It is so happy and bright.  There is so much on Etsy and I always see it at estate sales…. watch out, little house, we might be starting a new collection.

{ All images can be found on my Pinterest, check it out! some of these are other people’s collections but some are for sale}


  1. Love all of these! My grandmother has a huge collection of vintage pyrex in the most amazing colors. I love using it when I’m at her house!

  2. While Hoarders does make me pull out the Swiffer sheets and bleach, these Pyrex collections make me swoon-how kitschy and adorable!

  3. Pyrex really is addictive — especially because it comes in all of those awesome colors. I picked some up at a thrift shop when I was passing through South Dakota — I actually got that blue with the snowflakes pattern. But my rule: I can only buy a piece I don’t have and that I KNOW I would definitely use. That keeps me away from becoming a hoarder, right?

  4. Kristi

    what great photos of such cute pieces!im totally with you on Hoarders; it makes me feel better about my current obsessions/collections. lol Now i will admit though, i spent the better part of the summer searching though thrift and antique stores for any teal glass items…Which lead me to my newest love: Pre ’50′s teal Ball Mason Jars. Not the ones you can buy in cases for weddings on ebay… but the ones with the glass lid and the wire snap shut closure. im a little obsessed! they’re all over my house! Which you need to come see :)

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