dogs, pastels, and smiles

My grandmother loved dogs. When you walked into the living room of her Oklahoma City house it was immediately obvious.  After the smell of mothballs and perfume, the next thing you couldn’t help but notice was the dog theme.  There were several framed portraits hung above her couch.  The largest picture, in the most ornate frame, was a sketch of a poodle.  The dog portrait was at least twice as big as the photos of her children that held court with the poodle on that wall.  It used to drive me crazy when she was over at our house and would wander in front of the tv to talk to our wheaten terrier.  If a dog was in the room, it was, under no uncertain terms, the focus of her attention.  I have a photo of my otherwise glamorous ZeeZee in which her lips are pursed, and our dog’s tongue is flicked out for a slightly revolting dog/woman kiss.  I am telling you, she had a passion.  This dog passion is pretty strong in our family.  And when you read passion, think obsession.  We are devoted to the dogs in our lives.  I have two pups, as I am sure you have noticed if you have read this blog for more than a day, and I love them.  That unconditional love, the happy wag of a tail… I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

I love this dog-as-accessory from Paper Mag, the image is one I would hang- cute pup, pastels, graphic print.  Love it!  If you can resist this dog wallpaper from Baines & Fricker you are stronger than I.  It would be adorable for a powder room, nursery, or accent wall.  That last image is from Glamour Dogs, a book my sister gave me, photographed by Catherine Ledner. She makes a study of dogs juxtaposed with gorgeous wallpaper and furniture.


  1. This post is so perfect, I can hardly stand it! John and I have been aching for a little French bulldog of our very own, and you’re putting me over the edge!

  2. Bean

    Don’t forget Zita and her dog-naping tendencies. it truly does run strong through our family.

  3. Madeline

    This is so true about our family! I feel like only family members like you understand it. :) love you

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