Hello friends.  Today I have a big, indulgent wish list!

I wish I was wearing this (and maybe frolicking like that):

With these Cartier Love Bracelets:

With this fab hair:

And these amazing nails:

Eating these chocolate chip waffle cookies, Yum!
{Top image: Confetti System, edited by me}


  1. LOVE IT. i hope it turns into a reality for you!! <3

  2. I love that sweater! and Rumi’s hair is so lustworthy!


  3. LOVE-especially those Cartier bracelets. Swoon!

  4. I want a Cartier love bracelet too…boo…

  5. sign me up for that day, I would love to join you doing all the same things!

  6. We happen to have the same wishlist. I want those nails. Any one know if they fake nails or stick on art? I love that hair too- so stunning. Sigh. Want it all. :) Thanks for sharing these. Have a good day!

  7. I adore your wish list. And I don’t paint my nails but if I did, I’d love to do it like that.

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