i want to be BFF with mindy kaling

Hello friends, sorry for the mini-absence.  I am struggling right now, hence the absence.  In an effort to pull myself up I did two things that made me smile.  I watched Footloose ( 1984 version) and convinced David that next weekend we would learn a choreographed dance together. No, I did not learn anything from the dance/arm/cabinet incident.  Secondly, I re-listened to Mindy Kaling’s book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?  Ok.  I dare you to read this book and not come away from it wanting to be Mindy’s best friend.  She is so warm and funny. The book is a collections of essays and reflections on really everything.  She talks about getting her dream job, not peaking in high school, the rules of friendship, love, being a daughter, and her healthy body image.  I seriously want to meet her and for her to like me.  She sounds awesome.

She might also be the only other person who appreciates and sobs to Joni Mitchell the way I do. I absolutely loved it, and yes, I listened to it.  I don’t love audiobooks as a rule, but if it is read by the author, and if that author can act I will listen to it.  That is the best way to experience Bossypants, and although I have read every David Sedaris book (even Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk), I am re-listening to them now.  I like to hear things emphasized just as they should be.

Back to Mindy.  While you are waiting for the book to download (I am assuming you are taking my advice) check out her blog and follow her on twitter. Funny, funny girl.


  1. I stare at her book every time I pass the humor section at work. Want to read it sooo bad!!

  2. I didn’t know she read the audio book, sounds like a great way to experience the book, I started reading but it’s fallen to the bottom of my pile recently, will have to dig up!

  3. I can’t imagine anything funnier than listening to David Sedaris–I have actually giggled hysterically in public places, but I think I’m going to have to give it a shot, along with Mindy! She seems like the girl you’d always want in your corner.

    Also, I made John learn the finale to Dirty Dancing. Just didn’t want you thinking you were alone.

  4. I downloaded the preview a while back and still haven’t read it!!! On my to do list for sure. You steered me straight with The Hunger Games so I trust ya. :)

  5. Read the book when it first came out. Want to be her bestie. So check & check!

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