dance aerobics and the links

Whew. Back from Dallas, walking around looking like a drowned rat in Seattle, and enjoying it. You know that weight gain I talked about? Well, since I am in recovery, I have to be careful, but I am trying to whip myself into shape. I am looking for a class to take, but meanwhile I am developing my own personal dance exercising routine…It is a carefully orchestrated art, which consists of looking out the window to see how many neighbors are home and might be looking in. Whatever the number, disregard it and turn up the music. There is one rule, don’t stop dancing. It is a great warm up to a walk. I will let you know how successful it is. We haven’t planned this weekend at all. Not because I am suddenly a more relaxed and spontaneous person, but because David has been working really hard and I have hardly seen that man. I know he has more work to do, but I am thinking something touristy is in order. Duck tour, anyone?

Do you all read this links I post every week? I do love them and select them throughout the week for your consideration. I know that before I wrote a blog, I loved reading Joanna’s links to find out what was going on. Whatever. Here they are.

So thrilled about this honest and uplifting project! #mightylove

Perfection in the form of an April mood-board.

Curvy confessions makes me so happy… Lissy and I used to talk about thigh chapping like it was a national crisis.

Wow. So much drama in this collection.

Love Kristy’s work.

Deborah Lippmann never disappoints.

Love Alessandra’s “vanity project” for the illustrations and the products and tips.

When I saw this I died and went to heaven. Someday…

So happy that Bri posted about love languages. I try to make everyone in my life read it. Ignore the cheesy cover, it’s brilliant.

( Illustration by Alessandra Olanow for The Vanity Project )







  1. Thanks for the intro to the vanity project!! loved it….such beautiful illustrations. You were here??!! Let me know next time we can have some coffee!!

    • Isn’t the vanity project great? Glad you like it! I was in D. It was a whirlwind. Next time I come back I will get in touch and we will grab that coffee! xo

  2. Lissy

    a personal fave dance aerobic:

    and thigh chaffing IS a national crisis!

  3. have you ever tried zumba? i am literally obsessed…such a good workout and SO fun!

  4. Alison

    NIA, the best workout ever! It is so much fun, emotionally healing, and physically and amazing workout. Be ready to look, feel, sound it all out and you will be smiling at the end!

  5. Your new design is absolutely gorgeous! Love love love. Glad you’re back!

  6. I absolutely LOVE your links–even if I don’t get to them until long after you posted!

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