Well, the sunny streak is supposedly wrapping up here. Good thing, because I was about to start getting real reckless with accusations towards all the people who said it doesn’t get sunny here until July 5. I mean… I was assured that my translucent face would fit right in. I guess the oncoming overcast moodiness will suit my trip to the theater to drool over Leo.
Do you have weekend plans? Have you recently had to shut the blinds against the sun?

Things I Read and Loved

Stop it Alexander Skarsgard, you are just the best ever.

Making friends as an adult (so applicable to me right now).

Believe in the internet. Beleive in twitter. Believe in Unicorns.

Oh. This is a must read.

Making family traditions that count.

Blogging Highlight

Feast your eyes on Marsha Golemac’s blog!

Things I Watched and Loved


Photos from Into the Gloss




  1. That lip sync-off had me dying with laughter at work yesterday. So funny, I love John Krasinski!

  2. Yesterday I had a phone date with a girl I met up here once.* It was bizarre but exciting, and I hope it leads to friendship, even if it’s a lazy one! And I LOVE John. Oh yes, such a wonderful video…happy Friday!

    When we met, we barely talked, of course hooked up on social media after.

  3. Love all these fabulous links, and your sunny weather! John and I are headed to Tulsa for a spontaneous, surprise trip in honor of his baby brother’s graduation and Mother’s Day–not even our traveling delays have put a damper on my excitement!

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