good reads: 1.10.13

I am just so freakin excited right now I can’t deal with it. My sister is unexpectedly in town, we are in pjs, watching tv and scheming on how I can become famous.

Initially we thought we would try to do it together. But then Katrina realized she doesn’t like having her photo taken and isn’t self-absorbed, so I will have to bear the burden and go it alone. I am practicing some dance moves. Oh, that is just for my repertoire. Don’t worry, there are no cabinets open near me. Have fun, friends. Chelsea off.

  • Some good advice on calming down and finding peace. Though I like a breathe in for four counts and out for eight. Actually, I think I need to write a post about my favorite taking control techniques.
  • We have been watching this video again, because it never gets old. “…and I left an extra hole for it’s dreams and ideas.”
  • Katrina found these funky lamps. I am kinda in love with them.
  • I am so into this look.
  • I could just eat that sofa.
  • I think I caught up on every post of Bailey’s that I had ever missed- that girl, hilarious and insightful. That perfect combination. (I am so excited to see the new house!)
  • Katrina and David are both catching up on Nashville and re-watching the episodes just makes me love it more. And it makes me sing. Thankfully it sounds like it will survive. Catch up here!
  • Emma Watson kinda rocked it at the People’s Choice Awards.
  • Man, Beyonce is smokin’ hot!
  • Katie is back to blogging regularly and I am loving it… she finds those things that I would have missed for sure but now I can’t live without.
  • Can we all resolve to go on more adventures?

Photo by Matt Fry


  1. Katrina

    i still want to be famous… maybe we can teach me to like pictures? i take pretty good ones and I like the idea of all the fun clothes I would get to wear for shoots.

  2. You already ARE famous! Especially in my book. Great link roundup this week!

  3. Oh my GOD, an extra hole. The first time my mom met John, she said nearly the same thing. Which makes her a suburban Bjork…

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