good reads: 1.4.13

I almost typed the wrong year up there. Every year it takes me about eight months to stop saying, to myself and to others, “It’s really ____ (fill in year)” with that sense of wonder.

Or, more likely, while tearing up a check, “Shit, I forgot it’s 2012.” Just when I manage to adapt the year changes again. This is going to be a completely different year for me. Last year I knew what to expect. I knew I was going to Alt, getting married, probably moving… Ok, everything else was a total surprise. But still. I knew a couple of things. This year begins with so many questions… I have never been more upset to have given up Xanax. I guess all of the resolution posts around the internet make me realize that I can’t really set that many concrete goals because in a month there is a chance I might have a different job, be living someplace else… These are all real unknowns. Enough with this unplanned rant. Enjoy the weekend. I am planning on saying fuck you to plans this weekend ( and reading, reading, reading. It is one of the only things that helps decompress). xoxo PLEASE read the musical link and post which was your favorite in my comments.

reading around the internet


  1. Ok that musical quiz was HILARIOUS! Of those options, I definitely picked Hairspray. But my real fave {The Producers} wasn’t listed – maybe they need a part 2! Haha.

  2. rox

    lol…my favorite musical wasn’t listed (cabaret). probably not a good sign! and – ‘woot!’ to no plans. those are the best kind of weekends.

  3. Wahaha, I scanned through them and decided, though I was torn with West Side Story, on Phantom of the Opera. Apparently I’m a cheeseball. I think I knew that already. Sigh. Happy Friday, you gorgeous gal you!

  4. Lissy

    So many musicals I love!

  5. Lipschitz! I LOVED my stint as a cell block tango girl…but I couldn’t pick a favorite musical!

    I’m also loving all these fabulous links (there goes my afternoon) and the sound of your weekend plans–I stocked up on mint tea and filled my Kindle so I won’t have to go anywhere at all! I know having so much up in the air is a struggle, but just think–at least you’re not certain of where you are and unhappy about it. Silver lining? xoxxoxo

  6. So happy that you found the post helpful! xox

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