good reads: 11.16.12

So, our last week in Houston in coming to an end. David and I haven’t spent this much time together since… I don’t really know.

Before the wedding, for sure. We have packed up, done some planning, watched nearly two seasons of Pretty Little Liars (so what?) and I cleaned up my google reader. Which led me to spend a lot of the time thinking about what I have to add to the blogosphere. I mean, there is some amazing content out there. I know, up in my head again. I know that I will be striving for even more original content and spilling my guts. That is what I have. Love you guys and enjoy the reading! xoxo

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( Photography by Olivia Rae)


  1. Ah, thank you! Don’t you want to buy them all?! :)

  2. You are my FAVORITE. xoxox

  3. You are so sweet for including the proposal link. Obsessed with Buckets and Bunches :)

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