good reads: 3.15.13

So, my first weekend sans stomach flu is imminent! I need to craft an itinerary for us. I suspect that it will involve Ikea. I hope that it also involves exploration and maybe a new restaurant or two. I LOVE all of these links this week…. enjoy!

  • I will admit, over the years I drop in on Natalie’s blog, Nat the Fat Rat, every so often, but I hadn’t been on her site for a long time. This week I hopped back on and read everything. I am not kidding you. That girl. She is funny, she impresses me, and her frank struggles with infertility just move my soul. So yeah. Read up.
  • Elizabeth’s bedding roundup has me drooling… especially staring down this hotel bedding that we have right now.
  • Natalie Joos reaction to this article, and all the following responses, is so well crafted and thoughtful. Have you been following all of the talk about fashion bloggers, gifted items, and legitimacy? I am fascinated and often incensed.
  • I am so excited about Grace’s new series, designer diy, and am out of my mind that she kicked it off with Lisa Salzer of Lulu Frost! Gah.
  • Lena brought the goods with this elopement. I teared up. Classic.

Image from Tales of Endearment

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  1. Delighted to be in such damn good company! Have a fabulous weekend love, and don’t let IKEA drive you crazy! xoxox

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