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And so another week wraps up here in Seattle. It was a good one. Baking, long walks exploring, a great vintage store find, the new Kinfolk, dog park, and every night spent with David. Which, can we talk about that for a second? It has been almost three years years since I lived with David in a traditional sense. He has traveled 4-5 days a week nearly every week for three years. This is an adjustment. I am not exactly sure what I was expecting. Normal takes adjusting. Don’t get me wrong. I love it. I am sleeping better. There is no anxiety due to traveling. But he gets home and I am like a little kid. What are we doing tonight!? David, who gets home between 7 and 8 and has been up since 5:30 pretty much wants to eat, relax and sleep. He has indulged me with cutting out a lot of tv. Which isn’t fair because I watch all my reality tv and addictive series during the day and then deprive him. I digress. Wait- I am going to be truthful. I got distracted watching Rachel Zoe… hahaha…
So, the point is, I keep waiting for something really exciting to happen in the evenings. But being together is exciting. Eating dinner together on a Tuesday is a big deal! Ah. There are sure to be more rambling updates to come, don’t you fear. NOW READ THIS:

  • Oh. My reaction to this post was ridiculous. I just kept saying (outloud while David ignored me) “oh wow” “oh. OH!” This leopard and the eames. I just died and went to leopard heaven!
  • I usually turn to Michelle’s blog for sage fashion wisdom and interesting histories. Her write up of watching Rachel Zoe is just the best. I laughed, hard.
  • Are your jeans tight enough? Ever wish you could just paint them on? AE seems to be gearing up for April 1 with the Skinny Skinny.
  • Um. This is a dream come true. We all want to dance like Bey.
  • Holy Oscars dream. This post is actually a few weeks old, but I must make sure you see it. Oscars, diamonds, Leo… What a dream.
  • Creepy guy and cat hug. Thanks to my cat lady sister.
  • Coolest new app.


  1. It’s funny how much the situation you describe mirrors my own when I first got married (and sometimes now). I was used to us always doing something (dinner/movie/etc) when I saw N, but when we started spending every evening together it was like a letdown because all we did most days was eat dinner and watch HBO while playing on laptops. At one point I convinced myself that something was terribly wrong (b/c I am dramatic) but we were just being normal and I didn’t know how. :)

    Just this week we talked about enforcing some screen-less time during the week since we are so bad about curling up separately on the couch while I blog and he plays xbox, but it’s hard to juggle couple time, fitness, eating, and our own interests, which we both have to cram into the evening hours as well. Ugh… being an adult is tough.

    Anyway, great post and have a nice weekend!

  2. Horray for exciting normalcy–a night in with Indian food and SVU (or dare I say Frasier) isn’t quite as thrilling as a party or a night on the town, but I’m almost always happier (and definitely in the mornings)!

    PS–the AE skinny skinnies made me snort-laugh. xoxox

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