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I am headed home for Easter weekend… I am not a huge Easter fan. I don’t really go to church these days, don’t like deviled eggs, associate it a little with a not great time in my life, and am just generally a Grinch when it comes to Easter. What is the Easter equivalent of the Grinch?

But this year, I am kinda looking forward to it. After three weeks of just me and David against the world, I am ready to see my family and a few friends. I have packed my mint green top and candy-coated my nails. I am gonna try and get into things. I am a little sad that David and the pups won’t be coming with me this round. I hope my little family trio enjoys the weekend without me. I have a vision of David giving the dogs little dog-themed Easter baskets. I hope that comes true. Do you have any plans this weekend? Any Easter or Passover traditions?

Um, this Indian wedding is gorgeous. Just stunning.

Gearing up for the sunshine with these sunscreen tips.

Pretty excited about The Editer, discovered through Victoria.

In love with these moon calendars, found through Jamie and this amazing post.

I am not sure how I missed Le Catch, written by former Lucky west coast editor Marlien Rentmeester, but it is a gem! Go to the about page and read why she started the blog. Fab.

Fallon always introduces me to the best things, and Liria Palace is no exception.

Budget flower ideas.

An Easter DIY that is even approved by this grinch.

Tamara killed it with this OZ inspired wedding shoot.

Yes! I am a perfect shower taker… are you?

A wedding that is classic, a bride that is stunning, brought to you by my favorite blogger.

Photo via Ann Street Studio







  1. That Oz inspired wedding is so dreamy and pretty–wow!

  2. Thanks for the love and shout out love! xo

  3. Thanks for the mention! Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Thank you for the lovely links, your blog is so cute! Hope you had a lovely Easter miss Grinch =) xx

  5. So many lovely links and then I saw I was included–you’re the very, very best. Hope DFW was wonderful! xox

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