internet digs 2.8.13

This week was tough for me. The past few weeks have been tough, but I haven’t quite found the words to tell you about it yet. But I had a bit of a sick day yesterday, and I spent it catching up with my google reader. And pumping myself up to make a change for the happier. My pump up routine involved TED talks, Nutella, and Spotify. Here is a box of internet chocolate to sink your teeth in! Have a great weekend.


  1. I’m obsessed with Joy’s recreation of her first date. Max Wanger’s pictures were freakin amazing. Hope you are feeling better :)

  2. Never shameless!! And how cold of cold weather are you talking? =P I hope the weekend is a cakewalk for you! This week put me all out of sorts; I can’t wait for some normalcy to kick me in the buns!

  3. Love this box of internet chocolate, and you, lady.

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