link love 1.25.13

This week just flew by! And with multiple Beyonce related news items nonetheless. I mean…
What do you have planned for the weekend?

It is in the high 70s here so I think some outdoor time would be appropriate. I am kinda in the mood to cook and also hit up estate sales… I know. Mixed bag.


  1. That etsy shop is lovely!! Reading the first article…
    Also, I’m trying to convince Ethan to go to Wasilla with me…and he’s tring to convince me of a sushi night with his buddies instead.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, and I love that piece on the power of persistence. If I had to pick a favorite link from this week though, it would be a screenshot of your texts–eee!

  3. So jelly, wish I had some sunshine right about now. It’s pouring rain, and that typically doesn’t mix well with Californians. We kind of all just hide. Have a great weekend :)

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