lovely links: 1.6.12

Well, I have to say, now that Christmas and New Years are up I am a little bummed.  Oh what’s that you say? Don’t be ridiculous you have a wedding in two months?  I know, but I always seem to mourn the season a little.  Michelle has been on vacation and David is back up in Chicago.  Luckily a friend and her awesome baby boy are coming by tonight for some dinner and catching up.  It would be impossible not to cheer up after that!  Have a fab weekend, loves!

  • My blogger BFF, Lena, did a fabulous blog re-vamp.  A Crimson Kiss is going to be a fabulous forum for all things wedding and I love the wedding she posted up this week.
  • I didn’t really know I liked tangerine as a color until I saw this post by Victoria.
  • I am living vicariously through Brandi and Kelly’s new year celebrations.  I loved my chill night, but this does look fun!
  • This is what I want my home to be some day…bustling with children, happiness and pancakes.  I love the “picture and hour” challenge.
  • Um, this lady is funny.  Have a good vacation Sabra.
  • A husband that buys sequined pants for his wife is amazeballs.  Oh, and Tamara’s face is priceless.
  • An elephant on the Besotted Blog picture editing project.  Gorgeous and moving.
  • Dana has moved! Her new tumblr, Silly Beautiful is going to be rad.  I love it already.

{Header image via Besotted Blog, Wedding photos via A Crimson Kiss}


  1. That’s how I feel too, Chelsea. And then I remember I have a soldier graduating and my birthday coming up! Hehe, love all the links…seriously in agreement with the tangerine.

  2. Oh my gosh! Can you imagine getting those pants Christmas morning? I’d die.

    Great links!

  3. Isn’t tangerine just lovely? I never used to be an orange person myself and now I can’t get enough! Thanks for including me!!

  4. I am squealing/smiling/dancing. You absolutely made my day, darling!


    PS-I owe you an email; it’s coming, I promise!

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