lovely links: 2.10.12

I am in Dallas, off to a slew of doctors appointments, and then more importantly meeting up with Molly and then wedding wedding wedding on Saturday.  Oh the food we shall sample. Oh the plans we shall make. xo

{All Images from Cheetah is the New Black}


  1. First this wonderful post, and then finding myself in it? I’m blushing, love! Hope the weekend in Dallas is wonderful–John’s parents are visiting from Bedford this weekend!

  2. Yay! Great list of links and thanks so much for the shout out too. :)

  3. 1. how epic is that boar head Alicia has in her place? I want one.
    2. THANK YOU for loving our new series! we can’t wait to have YOU consruct an outfit soon, soon!
    3. Can we have dinner dates more often? Loved spending time with you AND David on Saturday!
    4. I’m so excited to eat all the goodies at your wedding and see your beautiful self walking down the aisle
    xx – heartsies

    • 1. I know. I have to get David to love the taxidermy. He has said yes to antlers, but not to heads yet.
      2. I do love it and CAN’T WAIT to participate.
      3. YES!! It was fabulous. And yummy.
      4. I am so excited that you are coming. I will send you and Sally details.

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