lovely links: 3.23.12

Hello friends! This week was a little bit of a struggle for me.  A little sadness, a little stomach bug, and Wally pup has some kind of dog skin issue.  Oh, I also wiped out in front of Lupe Tortilla.  It was in front of about six men.  I held it together until I saw Michelle and I just started bawling. Then laughing.  And then that sloppy laugh/cry/snot fest that everyone loves to do as they order a beer.  I was moping around yesterday since I was confined to the house with tummy troubles, but I went outside to walk the dogs.  It was sunny, but enough breeze so that I didn’t melt, and I made yet another renewed decision to turn things around.  Tomorrow we are having a fashion show at work, and how could that not be amazeballs?  I want to see Hunger Games, obvi, and go out to brunch.  Number one goal is to feel better and get out of the house.  Also, cuddle my boo.  I am obviously referring to Wally. My sick pup.  I am looking forward to seeing David too.

PS- that was not meant to be a downer, just trying to get back on the horse!

  • Did anyone catch the pilot of the new series Bent?  I am going to watch it on the computer.  I’ll let you know how it goes.
  • Caught up Emily’s blog, Recently.  You must go there. I love her picks and design.
  • This stop-motion video using post-its is incredible.  Seriously, incredible.
  • Anything wedding related is making me sentimental and weepy.  Look at this groom’s expression. Aw.
  • I have been meaning to do a string project like this forever.  I now have a renewed determination.

Dinner at Lupes with Mich

Dixie, chillin'


  1. Awwww, thank you sweet girl! Hope you feel better soon and that your sweet pups is on the mend as well! The picture of her by the stairs is gorgeous. I wish I could snuggle her too! :)

  2. Hope you feel much better soon, we all get our ups and downs but life’s like a wheel anyway – one time you’re up, and the other you’re down but that’s how it goes. A day at a time :)

    I’m going to try that string heart DIY too!

  3. Your sister is just too cute. That is all.

    • Aww, you must mean Michelle. My dad did tell her at our wedding that he wanted her to be part of the family. So, yeah, I guess she is my sister. You know these things even before I do.

  4. Aw, poor pup! Our dog had a weird skin thing earlier this year – nothing a little antibiotic won’t clear up in a week I’m sure :( Just look at that little cutie lying in front of the stairs!

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