lovely links: 3.30.12

I was at home most of the week.  This spring has been seriously rough on my body.  Thoughts I have when I am home sick and David is out of town: pharmacies should have delivery service. There should be such a thing as a drive through convenience store, carrying Gatorade, Ben and Jerry’s, and pepto.  Houston should really have more delivery places.  There are only two places that deliver in my zip code- it’s just not right.  My dogs should learn to walk themselves, Dixie would hold the leashes, obviously, since Wally is a little bit of a wild cannon. The highlight of this time was HBO Go

If you have HBO, which we do thanks to a little issue we had with our satellite people a few years ago, you can login and watch it on your computer, phone, iPad, etc. Now, there is an app for the Xbox, so I signed in and watched all of Boardwalk Empire.  Do you guys watch it?  It is so good. I love the plot, the characters, the 20′s fashion, the art deco styling…love.  So, yeah. There was that.  I also read some cookbooks. I didn’t actually cook, obvi, but I think I have some good ideas now.  David came home last night, I am on the up and up, and we are planning on having a grand ol’ weekend before I head to Dallas for surgery next week. Read on for this week’s links.

Images from Vanity Fair, layout Buckets and Bunches


  1. I think you are on to something with this Houston delivery service. We don’t even have a good Chinese place that delivers…and that’s just wrong. Hope you are feeling better! xo

    • Right? How can we fix that? Just because everybody drives here doesn’t mean there isn’t demand. Maybe I should make some type of survey. If you get a call asking you about your takeout and delivery preferences let me know. xo

  2. You poor thing! I say you hire a few engineers and start a Houston-based grubhub!!

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