lovely links: 4.20.12

This week was, in a word, uneventful.  I wrote thank you notes, watched movies, and took the dogs on walks.  Oh, we did have a possum take up residence on the deck for a night.  Now, “deck” is misleading.  Our yard/deck thing is a seven foot deep wooden box with a patch of concrete. Right now the neighbors we share a fence with have some type of bush growing over the top of the fence into our space and we are enjoying the greenery.  The dogs started going seriously all out insane Wednesday night and when I went to look to find a possum, just hangin’.  I think it might have been terrified, but it was a possum. It’s emotions were not easily readable. As best I can tell it was mostly blind and the dogs were clambering at the door.  It took that guy about an hour to walk in a very slow circle sniffing the air and looking for the way out.  That was it, all the excitement that was had here. This weeks links:

(quick flower shots by me)




  1. Possums are no joke, actually. A while back we tried catching a neighborhood cat (he was eating our bunnies and baby birds) with a cage and a can of tuna. The next morning we found a hissing possum instead. There are a lot of possums in my neck of woods, unfortunately…they are so cringe-worthy. Happy Friday!

  2. I’m in heaven at this little round up. Not so much with the possum. They give me the heebie jeebies! xoxox

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