lovely links: 7.22.11

This week I enjoyed the blogging world in an entirely new way- on my new iPad.  I have really only been using it to Stumble and read blogs. Oh, and facetime with David and my dad! (do you guys use StumbleUpon? I love that you can share your findings on the web so easily- and it knows my obsession with wedding blogs and finds me new ones)  So if you know of a fabulous iPad app, please do share.  So here are some of my faves this week from around the web.

  • Learn how to style the perfect beehive over at A Beautiful Mess.  I now know what I have been missing- a loofa!
  • Arm Party love over on the Bicyclette.  I am inspired to do my own little arm party series.
  • Speaking of The Man Repeller, this weeks Repeller or Propeller was all about, wait for it, NEON!
  • When a leopard print rug is used for camouflaging mud it is unspeakably fabulous. As is this entire estate shared at A Lovely Being.
  • Abounding creativity for what is destined to be an epic wedding.
  • Some gorgeous photos and lovely thoughts on the Sakura Bloom Stylathon, at the littlest.

Top photo via A Lovely Being, little elephant from Design Love Fest

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