lovely links: 8.26.11

AGH- I am a little frazzled today.  We have a lot of family coming into town tomorrow for my cousin’s wedding, and since we just got home at 1am last night and the AC repair guy has been here the last hour I am scrambling to get my post up (late) and then clean, go grocery shopping, pick up a couple of prints we had framed, and of course, try to fit in a pedicure.  Check out some of these links before you go off and have a fabulous weekend.

  • I am completely obsessed with all of these interiors with black making a bold statement. Head over to Breakfast at Toast to delight your eyes!
  • Neon stripes+polka dots+amazing sunglasses =  a must see look!
  • I particularly love this photo of the ferris wheel at Navy Peer, by fellow BLOGSHOP-goer, Jennie…but she is putting her skills to use all over the blog, so take a good look.
  • Another genius project implemented by Dream Book Design.  This is a simple little pillow solution, but if there is something these DIY fanatics can’t do it would be BIG news to me. Seriously amazing. Today they posted up their bedroom redesign.  I’m endlessly impressed.
  • Emma features Naomi. Suddenly I want to own overalls again.
  • Oh, how I love stripes. This roundup at A Lovely Being of retro stripes is swoon worthy.

(Top image from Cheetah is the New Black, lovely striped images  from A Lovely Being)


  1. I am totally jealous that you went to blogshop!!!

  2. Oh darling, don’t forget to breath! And pee-I always forget to do that when I’m stressed.

    • That is so true! When my mom was 30 minutes away I finally jumped in the shower in a rush, and jumped right back out to pee! If only I had seen your comment sooner! xoxo

  3. So cute!!!


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