lovely links: 8.5.11

Ok, are you tired of zebra yet?  I seem to be drawn to it…Want evidence? Go here and here.

Wow, this seemed like a long week.  I guess that is what life is like when you stop watching True Blood and Mad Men marathons and try your hand at, well, doing stuff.  Yesterday included hard core cleaning, that somehow turned into an experiment with self tanner.  I am so pale. so so so pale.  Even though the packaging claimed the effects would be gradual, I guess my nearly translucent skin wasn’t up for the challenge.  Why did I try a second layer?  I thought more might make it better.  I ended up with dirty looking feet and Wally wanting to follow me around licking me legs ALL DAY!  Oh well.  I am looking forward to a weekend visit from my mom and time with my love!  I am off to Chicago in a little more than a week, so I would love suggestions for things to do and eat.  Ok, after that ramble I present you with a few faves from this week. xoxo

  • I am a little embarrassed that I wasn’t all that familiar with Massucco Warner Miller, but The Southern Eclectic thankfully brought it to my attention.
  • Best double post!  Audrey was so thoughtful making this blouse work for her, and she introduced me to the  fabulous designer, Vivetta!
  • I have always loved browsing Terrain online, but Oh Joy has me wanting to go! Fairy dream world.
  • Let’s get real here.  I love shapewear, is it cool? No. But it works wonders for this girl.  So I loved Amanda’s write up on her faves!
  • Ok, I know that I keep declaring my love for Design Love Fest, but look at this video of Bri and you will totally get it. DESIGNLOVEFEST from Dan Addelson on Vimeo.

Top photo Scalamandre Zebra Wallpaper (always fabulous, and Massucco Warner Miller utilizes it!), last photos from  The Southern Eclectic.


  1. I LOVE Terrain! It’s actually right down the street from where I grew up and it’s one of the things I miss most since my family moved away a couple months ago! You must go if you ever get the chance!

    And I’m also loving the zebra look :)

  2. i’m with ya, sista. and there’s a learning curve with that tanning stuff :)

    i hiiiiiiiiighly recommend brunching at milk&honey in wicker park, visiting renegade handmade next door, and hitting up the boutiques in linkin park. and if you have time to go by sprinkles cupcakes, totally worth it! have so much fun in Chicago – one of my fave cities.

    • Thank you so much for the Chicago recommendations. Sounds perfect! I’ll keep you posted on how the trip goes down. Have a lovely weekend. xoxo

  3. i LOVE the zebra too! also, i just left you an essay of a comment after yours from this morning, and realized maybe i just should have done it here…haha. ;) i am LOVING your blog too, so much gorgeous inspiration.

  4. I love zebra too :) Loving your blog, thanks for the great links! xo

    • I’m glad you liked the links. And I am sure there will be more Zebra to come! And if you love leopard print? Well, that is definitely in the mix. xoxo

  5. thank you so much for the sweet link! i LOVE chicago, definitely check out lula for brunch in logan square; the violet hour for cocktails; the publican for a delicious and pork filled dinner. there are also tons of great thrift stores in wicker park and (if you have a car) in the north ‘burbs. enjoy!!

  6. Gosh those chairs are awesome, i could die for that pink color ! <3

    Just stumbled upon your blog, and already loving it, you got so many nice posts! :) Im adding you to my google reader list ;) xoxo

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