lovely links: 9.16.11

Well, if you follow me on Twitter , you probably have heard me complaining all week about these bizarre allergy problems I’ve been having.  I went in for allergy testing yesterday, so I had to be off of all antihistamines for a week prior.  Hives for six days and two full days with one eye swollen shut…I was not a happy camper.  I  couldn’t really take what David and I deemed “monster eye” in public either, so I have been pretty isolated.  Today I saw the allergist, though! Yay! I have never been so happy to take a Zyrtec. I fainted once (apparently it is some kind of condition…The doctor explained it to all the nurses as they hovered around me), but in return I got a lollipop.  I am just happy to put an end to waking up at 3am because I am so itchy. Ok, enough of this drama.  I hope you all had lovely weeks and are following those weeks up with lovely weekend plans. You know where I’ll be- crafting on the living room floor surrounded by football sounds. Then hopefully out for drinks with a good friend and a visit to another friend’s newborn baby!

{Shoe heart via Le Dans La, Zamboni type via Danielle Kroll}


  1. So sorry about your allergies, that sounds horrible! I love the links you shared, I’m definitely checking all of them out and thank you for the sweet comment :)

  2. Thank you so much for linking my FNO look!!! xoxoxo HAPPY FRIDAY!

  3. You poor thing-please de-puff and get better! Or if not, enjoy the crafting and football this weekend!

    PS-you are too sweet including me in your round up!

    xoxoxo, Lena

  4. allergies are the worst – the husband has been suffering ferociously this month. no bueno! hope you’re ship shape soon!

    that danielle kroll business is sensational!! beautiful find!

    thanks for the link love, sister. hope you have a lovely weekend! and p.s. i bought my altsummit ticket this week. cheers to meeting in person in a few short months!! ox

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