lovely links: 9.23.11

It’s finally Friday!  That means tomorrow we are headed to Cayman with our friends!  They have a place for us to stay, we used David’s miles, and pretty soon this ridiculously lucky gal will have her feet in the sand.  I looked at the forecast, and it is supposed to be super rainy.  I am going to have to admit that I like rainy beach days too, playing cards inside waiting for the rain to break.

  • Andrew + Carissa is a blog that is new to me. They are the sweetest couple and in the process of adopting a little girl from Uganda. Love.
  • Yes, Abbey, I love these bracelets too. The colors, the styling. Yes, please.
  • I love these magazine cover round-ups by Eloise. So much fun. Kirsten Dunst looks stunning.
  • See David, I told you there was such a thing as a babymoon. I win!  But I guess we can go on our honeymoon and actually get married before I plan this.
  • Karen is rocking this look! Vintage gorgeousness.
  • Oh, you thought I was done talking about babies? Well, think again. These birth announcements are so creative and sweet.  I really like the idea of a sibling creating the design.
  • I want this star projector, seen on Cup of Jo, more than anything!
  • Everyone is pretty much in agreement that my dogs can’t handle the responsibility of wedding participation.  But this bow-tie/ring-carrying collar makes me want to call the hotel right now and ask if my pups can come.  Miles to Style is also killing me with this Mulberry cuteness.

{Top image Andrew + Carissa, Rad dog look from Miles to Style}


  1. thanks for the link love. :) Have fun on your trip!

  2. I love Miles to Style. Happy Friday dear, off to check out yout links! x

  3. I love the idea of a babymoon too! love these links! Happy Friday!!!

  4. mary ab

    have fun in cayman!! cant wait to hear about it once you return!

  5. I am GREEN with envy-have the most wonderful time, you lucky kids!!

    xoxo, Lena

  6. That first picture is stunning. I hope you have a fantastic time in Cayman, Chelsea!!

  7. Aly

    I want that doggy!

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