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So, this week flew by.  I blame the wedding planning.  The process could not be more exciting/challenging/frustrating/amazing.  I’ll tell you one thing, I am not a girl that is good at budgets.  Please just start giving me advice!  If I have any readers in Dallas, I would love to get suggestions for vendors.  Also, I feel like I need to apologize for the blog this week.  My brain, weakened by crunching numbers and making a million and one phone calls, was not feeling as creative and inspired as usual.  I did some major brainstorming for upcoming posts and features, though, and am feeling excited.  Make your weekends fabulous, my friends.  See you Monday, refreshed and rearing to go!

  • Make your own frame?  Yes, please! Thank you, Jordan for this great DIY.
  • Amber was not lying when she said there would be some kick-ass color in this post!
  • Closet envy brought on by The Zhush.
  • A flight normally wrecks my skin, which I do not want happening on the honeymoon, so I am bookmarking this Glitter Girl Jet Set Guide for sure.
  • Elizabeth just gave Bellasox some rave reviews! Have any of you tried these ballet slippers? I love how you could stash them in your bag.  Check out her giveaway too!
  • I have to try this DIY crystal necklace.  I am thinking it would be a great way to occupy myself as football season envelops my household.
  • I have a folder with romantic wedding kisses, Hollywood and otherwise saved on my computer, so imagine my delight a post dedicated to these images on Cornflake Dreams.  These wedding kisses are everything wedding kisses should be!

PS> Happy belated birthday to my girl Mary! You are one hilarious, stylish, kind-hearted person and I am so happy to have you in my life!

{Header image via Cheetah is the New Black, Hollywood kisses via Cornflake Dreams}


  1. it IS quite a process, but so worth it at the end! wish i could help out with sources…but i’m here for moral support either way :)

    • You’re the best! So sweet…and I am now so excited about getting to meet you(in person) at Alt. Thanks for all your encouragement for the blog and for me. xo

  2. sending you lots of good vibes and happy thoughts – i know how stressful this time is! just know that no matter what, it will be perfect – some friends of mine got married in july, in their backyard, and it HAILED the whole time – and everyone had a blast. relax and enjoy the process!

  3. If this was an off week for you, I’d hate to see what creativity would look like! Have the most wonderful wedding planning weekend, darling!

  4. Stephanie Green

    Hey I know of a few vendors in Dallas. What are you still looking for? Also one of my friends is a sales exec at Brides of North Texas magazine if you want a copy I can see if I can get one from her for local vendors and inspiration.

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