lovely links: 4.3.10

Here it is friends, this weeks wrap-up of some of the blogosphere’s most delicious morsels!!! Grab a cup of joe and settle in to enjoy.

  • Danni did a lovely collection of forts on Oh, Hello, Friend.  The pictures are so dreamy and sweet.  Her “collections” are always so thoughtful.  I definitely have made my share of forts working as a nanny and loved seeing this bunch.
  • It has been so fun following Kate who is picking out her wedding dress on The NEO-traditionalist.  She held a poll to gather her reader’s thoughts on the perfect frock and has been following up with her decision.  Head over to the blog to find out about her J.crew pick and to suggest honeymoon destinations and accessory options.
  • Now, I have to say this post for me was the most moving of the week.  Doldrums somehow summed up my own feelings perfectly.  My blog is recently new, but I have been feeling that by presenting all of these things that delight and inspire me, I have been projecting this bizarre constantly cheery atmosphere.  Ill Seen Ill Said felt the same and admitted to a state of depression at times.  This was a heartfelt and moving post. A must read.
  • Over on Everyday Musings, Olivia is hosting a giveaway for *Shey* [B] camera strap slipcovers.  I had noticed them before on her sponsor highlights and have been drooling over them ever since.  As an aspiring shutterbug I can picture nothing cuter than strutting around with one of these lovely slipcovers livening up my camera.
  • It was a great week on Oh Joy! I would definitely check out Tuesday’s “This & That” but what really made me smile was the gorgeous flowers collected fresh from the flower market and photographed for “riding off into the sunset.”
  • I LOVE PINK!  So I couldn’t be more delighted with Mrs. Lilien‘s Think Pink post.  I am especially fond of the darling earrings…I’ll leave you with the picture.  Have a beautiful Saturday (hopefully filled with pink).

*Header photograph by me!

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  1. Ohhh fun, thanks for the shout out love! Can’t wait to check out all the other links. Oh and I loooove pink too : )

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