sunshine and weekend reading

Well, friends, there were some amazing hours of sunlight here in Seattle this week. I got a taste of spring and summer and it was glorious… I bought bunches of ranunculus, read a good book, baked caramel and sea salt brownies. It was a low key week but I am just gearing up. I signed up for a bunch of activities and classes and planned more and more things to try here. I kinda love it here in Seattle so far!

Here is some reading for your consideration:

Remembering Lily Pulitzer

Every year I freak out about my deodorant and how it could be causing me cancer and other health issues. So, every year I switch to a natural deodorant which leaves me clenching my arms at my side asking my friends to tell me if I smell. Well, the time has come again.

Just a fun little lipstick quiz.

Do you get jealous?

What’s in Grace’s bag? Take a look.

Love this interview with Anthony Faglione on creating retail spaces.

I want that print (above) from the Note to Self shop.



  1. Literally just clicked on ALL the links–can’t wait to dig in! Enjoy your weekend, lovely!

  2. I freak out about the deodorant issue all the time, too. My vanity trumps the potential health risks every time. Hmmmm…what does that say about my priorities???

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