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I am still in mourning after last nights series finale of The Office. Did you watch the show? I remember watching the first season on DVD in college when my friend Annie sold me on it. That girl is picky about her tv- we had regular viewing sessions of “Date My Mom” and “Pimp My Life,” so I knew whatever she brought to me would be gold. And it was. Such a relate-able, funny, heartwarming, ridiculous half-hour. Last night there was a retrospective before the finale and I loved how Mindy Kaling (writer and actress on The Office) said that everyone thinks they are Pam and Jim, but really most people have more of a Kelly and Ryan relationship. So. True. Anyways, The Office went out with an incredible finale and is already missed. By me. I liked the last episode. I think making them perfect is tricky, but I liked it. I had heard Steve Carrel wasn’t going to be on it, so when I realized he was about to walk on I might have sobbed and gulped down laughter at the same time. I cried and I laughed, and I refuse to delete it off the dvr.

To keep you from crying on your keyboard, here are some distractions:

I am going to master these moves one by one if it kills me. Praise Bey!

DIY flower crown. You don’t need an occasion, just do it! Need inspiration? Take a tip from Keiko.

How do you feel about the word fat?

This recipe is dedicated to my sister and to David. It’s SO them.

Dreaming of a tropical getaway? This will either inspire you or drive you mad.

Let’s all take Salma Hayek’s advice on aging gracefully.

On FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

FOMO round 2

Totally inspired by these gratitude walks and implementing my own.

GREAT guide to shopping on Craigslist.

Happiness, art, and masking tape.

Sometimes I drool when scrolling through this blog, and this Tiffany’s Gatsby extravaganza is no exception.


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  1. Annie

    Chelsea! As you can imagine I feel like a piece of my heart was wrenched out last night! The only thing holding me together right now is the overwhelming anticipation of the new series of arrested development starting next week. I also enjoyed the series finale and was thinking of you and David. Your blog has been great lately!, you’re the only person who can write about hair loss and keep me smiling as I read the whole post (because you’re candid and hilarious). I need to call you for more details on that. Anyways, thanks for the distractions. I love you!

  2. Love all of the links! I WANT to know how Beyonce does all of those moves. I literally cannot do the cha-cha slide. Also, I caught a glimpse of the finale – what a great show. I freaking LOVE Jim.

  3. Katrina Stephens

    why didnt we watch this together via google hangout? . Ijust called it google party at work, then promptly got embarrassed, maybe its not a party when others do it? ours are proper parties though. I cried and laughed and then kind of really seriously cried when it ended, and also felt briefly happy that Pam and Jim are moving to the ATX (why arent you and JD?) until I remembered they aren’t real, they have just touched my soul.

    Also, PIZZA WHEELS?!?!

  4. Katrina Stephens

    Also, that Gatsby party looked amazing! i love the long sparkly dress and the last one thats poofy and magical and i would love to walk down the street in

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