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vacations all i ever wanted

First things first. I know you have thought it, I know you have read it, but the blogging community is kinda the shit. The thoughtful comments and emails that I received yesterday are why I don’t just give up on this whole idea… I was nervous to publish yesterday’s post. Not because I am afraid of sharing (ha! You wish) but because lifestyle bloggers always apologize for not keeping things light and uplifting. But we are writing the rules right now, right? I am thinking about making this kind of talk more regular. I know that it might be kind of isolating. Maybe you haven’t struggled with mental illness. On the other hand, I am pretty sure most of us have had a negative time in our life. I am sure everyone knows someone dealing with depression or something similar. The statistics are staggering. I would want to have discussions about coping skills, about talking to our friends and family. I don’t know. Thoughts?

As for the weekend, it is supposed to be sunny in Seattle! All sun and warm weather.. I want to pack up some snacks and find a little beach to visit. David is asking around, but if I have any Seattle readers, let me know your suggestions. Someplace cute and beachy with a great place for dinner nearby? I want to pretend I am on vacation.

Ok, ok. here are the links.

Um, yes. Few things make me happier than Kareem Abdul-Jabbar talking about The Real Housewives. Seriously. Gold.

Not to get political, but this was very interesting to me.

You guys, this will make you smile. Also, I have a photo that would totally take the cake. Similar to this, but worse!

So. Awesome. Swim suits for all!

Check our Roxanne’s portfolio. I am loving seeing her drawing a day work progress.

Love this article, found via Victoria.

I have a pile of over-ripe bananas, and I am very interested in these healthy suggestions for banana bread.

Obsessed with this eye!

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  1. As I mentioned in my email. Thank you for yesterday’s post. Thank you for not limiting yourself to posts about things you covet. They have a place, but we gain strength from these posts. We connect to these posts. We smile at the things we covet (or bake or eat or create) and that’s important too, but the tough posts are not only important, helpful and healing, they are courageous.

    As for beaches, I’m not familiar with the Seattle area but you do need to plan a weekend getaway to Portland. Love, love, love Portland.

  2. Oh vacation…I want to drink my way through a bottle of tequila on a beach somewhere. But I’ll take a warm weekend in SF with birthday cake and bubbles for John’s birthday! Enjoy your own gorgeous weather and a new adventure, beauty! xox

    PS–Science of Fox News is fascinating.

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