john krasinski and emily blunt via terry richardson

Honestly… I spent the whole weekend with my sister and then thoroughly engrossed in the Golden Globes, so I don’t have anything elaborate planned for B&B this morning.

This is just an easy post about gorgeous actors who seem madly in-love and might be kidding themselves that they are totally normal while partying and taking photos with Terry Richardson. I mean… I have always loved these photos and seeing the couple on the red carpet last night reminded me of them.  I love perusing Terry Richardson’s Diary. Everything seems to take on a glamorous element. I would definitely take a minute to get lost in Terry’s world.

John and Emily, being adorable…
Hanging out with Justin Theraux…
And MK…



  1. Love this couple so much!!

    chelsie | mossypants.com

  2. If I wasn’t marrying Sasha, I would be marrying John. I mean, if he would have me (that’s the tricky part). Only kidding (I mean, dreaming) – him and Emily are perfect!

    • Um, you are drop dead gorgeous and smart to boot. I am pretty sure he would have you. But I mean, he is awesome, right? funny, handsome and silly. Perf. xo

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