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On this blog I really strive to bring you original content. However, sometimes I see something so compelling (or sparkly) that I just have to share it. Yesterday my mom and I saw The Intouchables. It was fabulous. One of the best movies I have ever seen. I think it will be out of theaters soon, so get yourself to the movie theater and see it. You will leave smiling and touched…I promise. Before the movie started the theater showed Paul McCartney’s “My Valentine.” It was stunning. Based off of one of Stella McCartney’s ideas, the video was directed by Paul McCartney and shot on 35MM film. First two versions of the song were created, one with Natalie Portman, the other with Johnny Depp. A third video was made combining the two. Natalie Portman’s outfit is Stella McCartney. Johnny’s rings are amazing. Such a gorgeous hobo. Have you seen these videos? Did you like it?


  1. I love the blank expressions. I’m not ever a fan of Natalie, but she was rather stunning in this. But Johnny looked older…must be the lack of facial hair…my heart is slowly breaking. And as for the movie, my mom was telling me about this…and I hadn’t even heard of it!! The trailer looks amazing–almost cried. =)

  2. What a gorgeous song and a gorgeous work of art. I can’t imagine 2 better people to star in it besides Johnny & Natalie. I will have to check out the Intouchables!

  3. Shana

    Thank you so much for this post. The Intouchables looks like a wonderful movie!

  4. YES to all of this. You find the best stuff, always.

  5. This song is ALWAYS stuck in my head and I’m happy to have it there! The melody is especially stunning. I’m so glad you shared the video, because the thought hadn’t even crossed my mind that there would be a video. So, thanks! xo, Jolie

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