creep week: witchy wedding

I could tell you that this week’s theme, “creepy”, is purely a tribute to Halloween. Honestly though, playing vampires with Ruby all summer had a kind of snowball effect on my brain. My aesthetic recently has been darker. Instead of purely sweet, I am throwing in creepy or darker elements into my everyday wear. This past weekend, when we went to Austin and played around in Uncommon Objects, I wanted all of the taxidermy, weird eye-less toys, and strange old photographs. I can’t stop watching horror movies and zombie shows, and the return of American Horror Story came just in time. So, yes. Welcome to creep week. Where things will be moderately creepy with the best of intentions. We are launching off with a ceremonial collection from Bona Drag. I love the rings, the nails, the dead flowers and the cemetery. Great collection, coupled with creepy styling. It makes me happy. Read on…

This collection was designed by Pamela Love, with Lindsey Thornburg, Samantha Pleet, Anna Sheffield, Meredith Kahn, and Mara Hoffman. Dreamy and whimsical.

PS. This weekend was fabulous. David and I drove down with the pups to Austin where we visited my sister. I got to meet one of her amazing friends, Nicole, who also blogs while keeping it real and is just kinda amazing. I also saw my bestie from high school, who I haven’t seen in about six years. Rachel is also amazing. Launching a catering company, preforming and touring. She sent me home with an actual record. A record. I hadn’t seen David in weeks. Katrina and I got coordinating tattoos. I mean. I love Austin. I love my family. I love fabulous creative company. Thank you, universe. I SO needed this.



  1. I posted about the Ceremonials collection too (months ago)! Bona Drag has some amazing dresses that I wish I could wiggle into. Sounds like a fab weekend! I still can’t believe you got sister tattoos–loved all your Instagrams =)

  2. Lissy

    Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  3. Bun

    LOVE these photos. I always wanted a creepy halloween wedding…but my fiance threw that idea immediately out the window.

  4. This week’s theme is GENIUS, and this shoot is beyond. But best of all, your weekend–so glad it was what you needed! XOXO

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