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I have been working with Erin of note-ably unique, “an express yourself online boutique” to create some cocktail napkins for the wedding.  We aren’t having a sit-down dinner, so Kristin, my amazing month and day-of coordinator, thought of creating some cute napkins to add another personal detail to our venue.  Luckily, I perused Etsy and happened upon note-ably unique.  I kinda just threw a bunch of scattered ideas at these sisters and asked for help! I didn’t want a stuffy monogram, but I was a little stumped.  The best idea I could think of was portraits of our dogs.  Lissy made me see the light on that one…

vote on your favorite napkin

Yeah, you heard me right. Here is is, the monogram for an anti-monogram gal.  It shows our love of type and ampersands. I need your help though.  Please leave me your comments helping me decide on a design.  I used the font in #1 for several printed things in our wedding, but we love Helvetica (#2), and #3 is just cute.  Oh, and they will be printed on either pink or white. Now, go!



  1. #3 is Elephant, isn’t it? I say go with #2. I think it will be good to have some cohesion with other things but not be too matchy with other wedding text. And I love it on pink!! Good luck!

  2. On second thought, this is harder than I first realized. Now I like number 1 better. Gah!

  3. LOVE #3, clean but cute, and the font seems the most original! And either pink or white will be adorable :)

  4. I like #3!! The type is interesting but still classic.

  5. You know my vote! Helvetica all the way!

  6. Do we get a vote?!? We say #3. And it would look fantastic with some in black (for the guys) and some in pink (for the ladies).

  7. Number 3! I think it will go with your glam vibe and still you chic when you have left-overs stacked on your bar at home :)

  8. I love #3, and I think it’ll look fabulous in the venue and with the other details you’re including. But that’s just my take–which one do you secretly hope will win the poll?

    • Well, I know that David loves the Helvetica, but I was torn. I have wedding brain and can no longer make decisions, so I am glad you gals are helping out.

  9. Number 3 Chels! Number 1 looks assumed and 2 looks stuffy!

  10. Number 3 all the way. I absolutely love it. More importantly, I am commenting to tell you just how excited I am to meet you this weekend. Counting down the days. Molly only talks about you every day!

    much, much love! And safe travels to D-town.


    • Yay! Sally! I am SO thrilled to meet you too. Oh my gosh, we are going to have a blast. I am pretty sad that we don’t all just live in the same city, but absence makes the heart grow fonder. Have a great rest of the week, hope no-one threw up in your car this week. See you soon. xoxoxo

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