jessica’s wedding takeaways

I was so excited that Jessica agreed to guest post.  I always loved following  What I Wore, but when I met Jessica at Alt, she stole my heart. Jessica is so authentic, so sweet.  She was willing to talk about everything from making it in blogging, to her wedding, to lipstick colors. Seriously, we email about lipstick.  Love this gal.  I am so glad I got her takeaways before my wedding day.  I ate, I napped, I took a moment, I saved a couple of little tasks to do that day.  It was all great advice. Read this and then save it. xo
PS- This week’s theme is seriously sappy, so get ready!

Top Five Takeaways from My Wedding Day:

  1. Plan a day’s worth of your favorite meals. Eat a big breakfast! Have something great for lunch! And absolutely eat dinner at your reception – you get to go through the line first after all! You’ll need the fuel for your nervous and happy energy!
  2. Stick with at least one part of your daily routine. It could be jogging or watching the Ellen show or taking daily outfit pictures with your husband (ha!).
  3. Don’t be shy to take a moment alone – at any time of the day, even after the big ‘I do’. At any given point you’ll have your bridal party, mom and mother in law, family and guests buzzing around you.  It’s ok to sneak away for 5 minutes for a breather
  4. Make a Mixtape, or a digital equivalent. I listed to the same mix for 10 months while I planned (and envisioned) my wedding, and hearing it on the actual day was awesome.
  5. Give yourself some busy work… something, ANYTHING to keep yourself busy while you’re waiting around to get into your dress, for the photographer to arrive, for your hair/make up appointment, whatever! I made all of the boutonnieres for my husband, dad, and all the groomsmen and ushers, but you could spend idle time crocheting or knitting. I became more and more nervous throughout the day and having a project to get into helped me relax.


  1. What incredible advice! Definitely must remember…

  2. Totally bookmarking this for my own wedding. This is all amazing advice. Gorgeous wedding pics too, Jess!

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