chelsea and david's wedding

our wedding video / dulock productions

We received our wedding video from Jamie and Cody of Dulock Productions right after Thanksgiving. I was sick and not up to anything, so that amazing duo dropped this incredible package on the porch for me.

I wish I had been more patient digging into the package, so I could have taken some nice photos… but it was our wedding video and I couldn’t really slow myself down. Inside the big box were four smaller boxes. Two had some of our favorite candy inside, one the gorgeous wooden box that holds the USB stick with all of our footage, and one was the DVD… oh, and popcorn! It was such a treat to open and enjoy all of the treats while we watched the footage. I am not sure if you will have any interest in parking yourself in front of the computer to watch it, but it is so gorgeous, in my totally unbiased opinion. If you click through, the password is davidandchelsea. If you are getting married, you should probably get in contact with them. Phenom!

Top photo by Hello Love Photography




  1. Wow, that packaging goes the extra mile! So happy for you!

  2. That is maybe the world’s best packaging–and then there was your amazing video!! Love this.

  3. Ohhhhhhhh, my gosh. That video. I’m watching intermittently (damn you, work!). It’s amazing. You are gorgeous. He looks dapper. Y’all are perfect. Every touch was just dreamlike. Eeeeeeeps.

  4. rox

    LOVED watching your wedding video! (also kinda sad that I was tearing up at my desk- I probably looked so strange to my coworkers). anywho, thankyou for sharing…that got me all excited for our big day :)

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