seriously sappy day 2

I met Dana at Blogshop.  I was shy and nervous, and Dana and I found each other and were instant friends.  The mix of perfectionist and absent-minded listener in me meant I asked a lot of questions. Dana was right there to help. People, this is one smart girl.  At the time she was writing The Dream Bed.  Since then, she transitioned over to her awesome tumblr Silly Beautiful.  I love it. Completely original content, most of it created by her.  She wrote a truly gorgeous guest post over here before, which you need to see if you haven’t. She was recently engaged, and I am honestly so happy for her. These crazy kids are in love.  And you gotta love that Dana is going to rock her glasses for her big day. So, enjoy today’s continuation of seriously sappy week.

Becoming Mrs. McDowell

As I was getting my trial wedding hair done, my stylist said, “Doesn’t every romance feel like a whirlwind?”  I nodded, thinking, boy, did that whirlwind accelerate after I said yes! Because my wonderful fiancé Ethan is also a devilishly handsome soldier, I knew that planning our perfect wedding around his leave would be a challenge.  After realizing I did not have the amount of time other brides do to prepare for the big day, I decided to focus on the top priorities and be blasé about the rest (I couldn’t afford not to be!).

Essentially, since his adorable fortune cookie proposal, it’s been “hurry up and wait” with everything.  Hurry up to his new base in Anchorage, Alaska—wait for an appropriate time to request leave time.  Toward the end of January we had a slight inkling the wedding would happen in February or March of this year!  When I ended up finding the gown on my first day of shopping (although Ethan hadn’t been approved to come home yet), I took the plunge and purchased it!!

Venue was the next big thing to tackle.  And although I was flirting with the idea of a nontraditional ceremony, Ethan and I decided a church would be the nicest.  Finding a church that did not require couple counseling was a trial in Southeast Missouri, and an appropriate reception venue was even tougher.  Because we only have nine days to spend together for pre and post wedding festivities, we agreed a mini-moon was really important to us.  A reception/luncheon was just the ticket (and dash of quirk).  My mom and I worked out details with the local golf club, and I must say, the whole wedding is coming together beautifully.  With our luncheon taking place at this stunning manor, we’ll have our send-off to Louisville, KY in style.  Did I mention Ethan will be in his dress blues?  He’s going to make my heart flutter!

I have a few things left to iron out (like my wedding shoes!), but I feel confident even with so little time to plan.  It’s been since January 2nd that Ethan has been away; I’m getting anxious to show him our details in real life.  I can’t wait to have our day captured for us to remember; photography is really important for when our future days apart get us feeling sad or alone.  After his nine days are up, Ethan and I will have two more months until we can live happily ever after together…in the same place.


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