teaser trailer

Quick drop in to share our teaser trailer from Dulock Productions.  Cody and Jamie, were a dream to work with.  They would appear and help at the right moments, disappear to capture the perfect candid footage at others.  We knew everything was going to look great when they showed us a little peek at the end of the night, and then I started freaking out with happiness when we got the actual trailer ON MONDAY! They are adorable, sweet, creative, and seem to know exactly what I am thinking and what David and I envisioned. SO happy.  I really can’t wait to tell you about all of our vendors, aka, the dream team.  They were amazing. Sigh. I am a little sad it is all over, does anyone want help planning a wedding?  I am so in.


  1. Oh Chelsea. Now that was beautiful. I am so so SO happy for you!

  2. So psyched for the whole movie, I can barely stand it!

  3. Gabrielle | Savvy Home

    Ok your trailer just made me cry… You two look so beautiful and everyone looks so happy!! I can’t wait to see the entire thing and I’ll try no to cry this time… X

  4. My emotions may be running at an all-time high today, but I am just bawling! Chels, I am just so happy for you (and of course, DYING to see more)! xoxoxox

  5. That was so beautiful Chelsea and you both are radiating with just happiness! Congratulations on the marriage and embarking on a great journey! :D

  6. this is so sweet! the music couldn’t be better and I love all the close up shots!

  7. Oh wow, this is beyond lovely. And you, my dear, are flawless! xo

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