wedded bliss day 4

All of my guest posters are really special to me, but today I have Molly and Sally from a Piece of Toast.  I remember the day I discovered their blog. I read through the entire archives. Adorable sisters who obsess over nail polish and have great taste in design and fashion? What’s not to love. Plus, they include information about their process, their lives, and keeping it real (at least a little bit) is important to me in a blog.  It is what keeps me coming back. Fast forward to January where Molly roomed with me and Victoria at Alt. OH. It was amazing. After that we just wanted to talk and talk and luckily I have been in Dallas a lot so I actually get to see this girl in person and finally meet Sally. They are both cute as a button and hold a very special place in my heart. Molls, I will see you Saturday. And yes, I really do want you to be there.

the favors

To us, any bride that puts enough thought into sending favors home with guest is already going above and beyond… But we also think that when it comes to favors, there are two keys for fool-proof success: yum food and great packaging. Think about it – what’s a guest going to enjoy more: a CD to put hours into creating that they may never listen to, or something delicious they can eat on the car ride home or as part of breakfast the next morning?

So food. We personally love the home-made goodies… The bride and groom’s favorite cookie recipes (different of course) or a sacred family jam perfect for tasting the morning after the wedding. If you’re running short or time (or energy, we hear weddings are kind of stressful to plan), why not get some local goods native to your wedding location? Honey, hot sauce, local wine or liquor, or cupcakes from a favorite bakery. Or keep it easy and get custom colored m&m’s – everyone loves those and it’s one less thing for you to worry about! Whatever angle you choose, guests will appreciate the thought and will love taking part of your special night home that they can eat!

Wrap it up! Little jars and and boxes are adorable and will make it easy for guest to grab on the way out of the reception. Whether you tie hand written notes around each package or make sweet labels that tie in with the rest of the wedding, just make it yours. Even simple wax paper bags and draw-string sacks look darling with a final flourish or a custom sticker or stamp. And it’s your wedding, you can get a little cheesy if you want to (ex: “Laura and Jeff are nuts about each other!” on a package of mixed nuts).

If all else fails, just get one of your favorite recipes as a couple printed and tuck it inside a custom made monogrammed koozie : )

Thanks so much, Chelsea! We could not be more thrilled for your upcoming wedding – you are going to be the most beautiful bride!!

xx. Molly and Sally


  1. I love the sweet, savory and salty idea! Happy Wedding Week!

  2. Absolutely right, I love yummy food favours to be eaten on the way home!! Your wedding day is coming soon, wishing you much happiness Chelsea! :D

  3. Thanks again for having me today, Chels! I can’t wait till Saturday… Eeeek! Love you

  4. I can’t even talk about how jeals I am that Mols gets to go to your wedding. Have a glass of champers for me you guys!

  5. What a delicious post!

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