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Working with Cody and Jamie of Dulock Productions was a dream. These two are amazingly talented. I have gushed about them before here, but I want to keep on gushing. I feel so lucky to have had them at our wedding, and I am just dreaming of being able to work on a future project with them. On my wedding day I was a jumble of excitement, happiness, and champagne, and it is amazing to see the moments that might have slipped away from me captured so beautifully. They are two uniquely inspired people dedicated to their craft, humanitarian work, and authenticity. I adore this video. The video I posted today is our wedding highlight film. It is the second film we have received, you might remember the teaser trailer. We will get our feature-length any day now.

Thank you thank you thank you to Cody and Jamie. And thank you readers who watched it. I promise you won’t regret it! xo


  1. You know, I’m not a huge fan of seeing myself in videos, but I freakin love this video that Cody and Jamie did. I can’t say enough good things about them and the work they do. The pictures we have are great, but this is by far my favorite memento of the whole process.

  2. It’s gorgeous of course. My uncle took a video of our ceremony (not as cool as this of course), but it was so so fun watching it a month after. You’ll cherish these forever =)

  3. Happy crying at the office. Best thing I’m going to see on the internet today, at the very least.

    • They did a fabulous job, right? Your support during planning and that one AMAZING post you did for me about staying true to yourself…I mean. I don’t have words. You were amaze. xo

  4. WHat a beautiful bride!! Lovely video! You know who will love this down the line? your daughter (well if you have one!)…my daughter begs me to see it ours over and over again…..girls are romantic…even at 5…too funny

  5. This video is so incredibly sweet and well done!! I wish we had decided to have a videographer at our wedding now!

    • Aw, no regrets. It is the actual wedding that is incredible. That is how I feel when I look at wedding dresses. I wouldn’t change mine, but I would totally wear another! xo

  6. Lissy

    Aw I love this!

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