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Oh, cakes….So gorgeous and then so yummy.  This has to be one of the best parts of wedding planning. So, you can go here to see the venue if you haven’t already (the cake goes in that gorgeous blue room) and I would love for you to take a sneak peek at my dress, so that you can get the whole picture.   I’m not posting it up here, because David “reads” the blog. In terms of cake I thought I had decided that I wanted something very art deco to fit the venue or something very blingy to take a little something from the dress.  But after hours of looking at cakes by myself and then with my mom, I find myself a little scattered…There is too much to love.  I am a girly girl, who loves history and flowers and graphics…and I am a computer geek who get’s excited around confetti! So, I am a little lost.  This is where I NEED YOU! Check out all the different aspects that we know so far and PLEASE give me some advice! xoxo

{Header image via, confetti cake via, typography and laptop cakes via, tall flower cakes via The Goddess Sylvia Weinstock, traditional cakes from left to right}
{I can’t find a source for that bling cake! If you know please tell me! The peacock cake I found on pinterest and would also love to give credit where it is due!}

The Wedding Planning Series

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  1. Jessica Shay

    Absolutely LOVE the art deco one!

    • Ooh, good! I love it too. My mom says its missing something, so I say plop some flowers on the top and call it a day! Thanks for the input! xoxo

      • Jessica Shay

        Yes – or maybe something to tie in with the blue room, a pop of color on the cake or something? Like instead of an all white cake – maybe some of that lovely icing detail could be in blue…. just an idea but I am obsessed with that art deco cake!

  2. mary ab

    i am loving the art deco one as well! you could also add some color to it, like making it pink!

    i also really love the cake with all the pink flowers on it. that would definitely be a show stopper.

    have you picked flavors yet?? tasting cake is always fun!

    • Oh, I’m looking forward to our call tonight! I love the art deco, and I love the cake with the sugar flowers too- stunning. I think we might do tastings next time we both make it to Dallas. xoxo

  3. Liv

    Just found your blog through Eat.Sleep.Wear. I love this little space, so many lovely images.

    Liv @

  4. These are absolutely gorgeous! What works of art :)

  5. Oh I love the blinged out cakes!!!

    • I love them too! I was starting to think since no one had mentioned liking it that maybe I was alone on that. Or blinded by something sparkly (a common problem for me) I am glad you support the bling…I think it is unique! xoxo

  6. I’m totally crazy for that deco cake, and maybe your baker can add some bling to it to bring together the best of both worlds?

  7. your dress is sooo pretty!! ahh! and that confetti cake is just too cute.

    • Thank you, Kelly! I am pretty in love with it. And isn’t that cake just so fun? I know you just photographed a wedding, so I would love to hear tips and advice! xoxo

  8. so much beauty here, i cannot think straight!

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