wedding planning: eating cake

This weekend we went home to Dallas and did some major cake tasting.  I ate a lot of cake.   I wish that I could eat cake, drink Champagne, and look like this:

Alas, no.

Cake Tasting

Anyways, one of our tastings was Saturday morning at 9:30 am.  This did not deter me from the sugar.  Luckily, David couldn’t handle that much sugar that early, so I managed to sneak bites off his plate.  I gorged, friends. I find cake irresistible.  We decided on an amazing almond-butter cake with amaretto and mocha filling, from Jackie Spratt Cakes. Um, it was amazing.  I can’t wait to eat it again. I am so excited to serve it to our guests.  The frosting is all butter-cream, so we decided to go with this classic design:

I am excited about it.  Picture it in this room:

Gorgeous, right?  Ok.  This was so much fun.  Jackie Spratt is so fabulous.  I love her energy and her passion.  The cake design dates back to the 1920s and I love that it is so classic.


We also found our DJ! Yay! Aaron, from Uptown Sound, was so nice and easy to talk to. I am obviously not a professional wedding planner, so I don’t always know things about wiring, microphones during the ceremony, etc.  That is what I loved about meeting with Aaron.  He explained all of those technical things to me in a way that was informative and oh-so-helpful.  So much accomplished, and I have several more meetings to go before I head home on Wednesday…What did you lovelies do this weekend?


  1. you will surely have the most beautiful wedding ever. lucky lady! xx

  2. love hearing about your wedding planning! I can’t wait to plan a wedding!


  3. This weekend I sat around gestating, and went to rehearsal for Evil Dead the Musical. Now, though- I want cake. SO BAD. Thanks a lot :)

  4. Love that classic, chic cake design. I’ve always wanted to go cake tasting — I even tried to convince a guy friend to play the groom once, but alas, no luck. That’s okay though, because I make a pretty mean delicious cake myself.

  5. annie

    OMG Chelsea! I have never been more excited about your wedding! That cake looks amazing and sounds incredibly delicious. Can’t wait to eat as much as I can (I will do my best to hold back).

  6. The cake looks absolutely perfect, and it sounds even more divine! What a wonderful way to spend the weekend!

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