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The wedding is getting closer, and I am concentrating more on the details.  Most of the vendors are booked and the major arrangements are made, and I am ready to find fun ways to personalize the wedding and wrap up the small things.  This is the idea, instead of a guest book we were thinking of having all of our guests fill up a perpetual birthday calendar.  I am not really sure where people would write a little note, but on the other hand are those rushed guest book signings usually meaningful?  Seriously, I need to know.  Married gals, give me some advice.  Creative people- suggest away!

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  1. Just found your blog- and ah! I’m in love. I’m a new follower. :) So cute. I am not married nor have I planned a wedding, however, as a guest of many weddings I must say that I don’t typically put a ton of thought into my guest book signings. It is usually pretty rushed. I like the idea of signing on your birthdate. That way you will never forget your guest’s bdays! Good luck with your wedding planning!


    Sam from The Peak of Tres Chic

    • Um, you are so sweet! Thank you so much…I am really happy to have you. Comments honestly make my day, and yours was awesome. Thanks for the guest book feedback!

  2. Here’s a fun suggestion I saw on another blog (can’t remember which? It’s been a while): they placed postcards on each table and had guests write out messages on them. The front of the postcard had the table number printed in pretty type. The bride’s mother collected all the postcards, and plans on mailing them on the corresponding anniversary (so, on their second anniversary, they’ll get a bunch of postcards from table 2). Thought that was cute!

  3. I love Victoria’s suggestion! And this is such a cute idea! What will you do with the info? Is it just for fun? Also make sure you have room for multiple people on a single date! So weird that I know 5 people with a 4/21 birthday.

  4. I love the idea of a birthday calendar, and I’d have to agree with you that guestbook notes aren’t all that special. Maybe well wishes or marriage advice left at each table?

    • Yeah, I am really digging the birthday calendar, I am glad you agree, since you are my wedding expert. I think getting a little note from the people who really care about writing something would be the nicest to have, so your idea is fab. xo

  5. i always try to keep up with peoples’ birthdays, so i think this idea is fab! wish i’d thought of it! we had a photobooth; one copy of the strip went into the guest book for our guests to sign with, and the other copy went home with them. huge hit! ox

  6. A vintage typewriter with some off white or textured paper might be a cool way to have people leave you a note. Look on craigslist for them.

    One wedding we attended, they had a Polaroid camera right when you walked in. You snapped your own photo and wrote a message on it. Of course we took another photo so we had one to keep too! It reminded me of when I was a kid and my mom always wrote on the back of photos what year it was, who was in the photo, and what we were doing (if it was of significance).

  7. We had a pretty playful wedding, and our guestbook was a sketchbook on a table filled with crayons, markers, and colored pencils. We had a sign that asked the guests to leave a note or draw a picture. We got some pretty creative entries. I love the birthday calendar though! Great idea!

  8. i would definitely recommend using something that you will use/display and not just tuck away. we used one of jen ramos’ LOVE posters and now it’s framed in our hallway. it’s the nicest daily reminder of our amazing support system :

  9. This sounds like a pretty fantastic idea!

    Oo, I once went to a wedding where the couple had provided a guest-book with little envelopes stuck onto the pages. They then handed out cards for you to decorate and write messages in to subsequently slip into the little envelopes. They also provided ink stamps and stickers! I thought it was SO cute!

    x Minty

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